I need a help about air33 use chinese name to ios app question

if i use air33 release chinses name app to ios , the name will be garbled , who can help me

chinese name is ok,our app was published in app store.everthing is allright,no garbled.But Flash Builder is not work in new version Mac OS.so we build project with VSCode.do you fix this problem now?

中文应用名应该没问题吧,我们的应用已经在app Store过审上线了,并未发现你说的中文名混乱的问题。不过因为FB4.7目前已经无法在新版本的MAC OS上运行了,至少我这里是这样的。所以我们是用VSCode进行编译的。不晓得是不是这个原因。我今天刚来论坛,注意到你提到的中文名的问题,我猜可能是个中国同胞吧:)希望你的问题解决了。

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You can build you app via CMD without any IDEs

哈哈 兄弟牛逼喔 ~ :smiley::smiley:

no ActionScript Community,can not get any useful infomatrion in BAIDU.but we need a new place to talk about technology.T_T