I wait to receive an answer from harman

I have completed the online form and emailed support but no answers (after 1 week). Can you please tell me how I can download AIR SDK 33.

Thank you I have now received the agreements and hope to get download link soon.

Hello Steve and welcome to the forum

first a bit of advices

  • there is no use to reactivate an old thread to have your question answered
    especially when the old thread is months old, just create a new thread with your question
  • when things change people expect things to be like the old days but it may not be as easy
    an email sent to Harman may take some time to be answered, there is no other solutions than
    to be patient and understanding during this “transition time”
  • hopefully, when there is a dedicated web site etc. the process to obtain an AIR SDK
    will be faster and more straightforward

that said, what you ask is a bit off topic

How are we supposed to do that?

We are not connected to Harman or Adobe, we are an independent forum.

So here you either asking if we have some kind of “secret link” to a download
or if someone would be willing to send you a copy of that download.

And there you are crossing the line.
Harman specifically ask users to answer a user agreement / license to create a contract between them and those users, those contracts can be legally enforced.

You asking from someone else to get access to the stuff without having to accept the contract is simply unfair, unfair to the user that might give you access and get in trouble, unfair to the company, unfair for this forum which could get shut down because of such legal trouble, etc.

I could not give a flying fuck if you are not patient enough to get an answer from Harman,
you just don’t ask illegal things, or things that could put users in trouble, on this forum.

My apologies, I though you were connected to Harman. I now know you are not.

Unless you see an answer from the user @ajwfrost which is Andrew Frost
nobody here that I know of is connected to Harman

Just to let you know I have now received contact via @ajwfrost and moving ahead with a professional tier licence. Thanks for the help.

You send a message to Harman

It’s only one way to get SDK AIR 33 at this moment

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Thanks @portailweb , I managed to get a conversation with them eventually and am waiting for an email with purchase order details.


You will receive a confirmation message

After that you will get the link

Good luck

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have you recived SDK AIR link from Harman Or not

Yes thanks - I got the free one and have submitted 2 apks to Google. Just waiting for approval. I’m also waiting for a instructions how to purchase a commercial version.

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