Improving this website


Shouldn’t have a prominent link to


Yes definitively.

The thing is I’m a bit stubborn and I absolutely want to produce such sites as or based on the ActionScript 3 language and so use Redtamarin to do that.

I did started a bit with providing the sources of as a way of tutorial here

but the redtamarin runtimes were missing a couple of crucial things to do it right,
which should be solved with the next 0.4.2 release

Specifically for, not only it should point to this discuss forum but it should also be structured in such a way to promote the AS3 language, be able to list/add resources and other related stuff.

I don’t have everything planed or set in stone, but a couple of things are planed, and it should let the community crowd-participate to the whole thing.

I do welcome a discussion about all that :slight_smile:
if people want to share stuff and other ideas


Well, you know the old proverb about how to eat an elephant: One bite at a time.

I am sure you could quickly create a simple link to this discussion forum from there. Do the bigger changes later.


Yeah but I need couple of things in place in a certain way first, but it’s coming.

So far it’s not only providing links, it’s also doing the “marketing”, the SEO etc.
or let’s put it that way: presenting AS3 in a good light.

It’s not there yet and sure it will probably starts small, but I do intend to build something of quality like darlang/angularjs/xamarin websites etc.

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