Install as3shebang on Cloud Shell in 10 seconds top


If you need to test as3shebang quickly and you have a google mail / gmail account

go to this URL

and run this command
$ wget -q --show-progress -O && chmod +x && ./

do not type the $, this is a convention to indicate you’re typing a shell command

the setup output something like that

if you run $ ./sysinfo it will output something like that

if you want to uninstall everything run $ ./uninstall and then $ rm

If you don’t uninstall, the script and the downloaded files will be kept around in your $HOME directory thanks to Google Cloud Shell 5GB of Persistent Disk Storage

you can even automate this setup by editing your ~/.profile and adding those lines at the very end

if [ -f "$HOME/" ] ; then

that way, despite the limitations, each time you will run your Cloud Shell, as3shebang will be available to use :).

Soon the same setup will be available for the full redtamarin-sdk ;).