Introduce some professional Game UI Editors

FairyGUI Editor is a professional Game UI Editor

FairyGUI Editor is a professional Game UI Editor, easy to use, no need to write code and write any configuration files, you can build a variety of complex game interface, support Unity, Egret (HTML5), Flash, Starling and other common game platforms.

Our goal: 99% of the UI designs can be directly created in Editor visually!


In the editor can make a variety of complex UI components, no need to write code, do not need programming knowledge.
Powerful text control. Support for dynamic fonts, bitmap fonts, as well as the production of BMFont bitmap fonts, support for HTML syntax and UBB syntax, support for graphics and text mixed.
9 Squares and tiled image scale mode support, support image color and gray scale, support frame animation editing and use.
Provide time axis design UI dynamic effect.
The use of dispersed material editing, automatic packing Atlas released. Support the definition of multiple atlas, support compression drawn A channel.
Multi language support.
Various adaptive resolution.


you can see the demo

Morn UI is an ActionScript 3 UI Components for Flash,with lightweight, high performance, and a visual ui editor

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