iOS 14.1 with myflashlab IAP ane error

Hi there
I use myflashlab IAP ANE and it works well(with air

In few days ago, some player tell me iOS IAP has no response
and I tested it
It’s really bad, lost connect, or it need 30-50 secs to get apple’s response
In this time, my iPad iOS version is 13.X and I use myflashlab IAP version(I remember the version is April’s version
That fine, I reported it to Apple
It must have some problem in their server

10/3. I update myflashlab IAP version(September’s version)
and test IAP again
Of course, it still lost connect, or purchase fail
Even, it show me can’t connect to apple server
That’s fine, just pass 1 day…
It’s is normal…

Today, I wonder if it is iOS version problem, so I update to iOS 14.1
The speed of IAP connecting is normal, it works!
(I wonder if the IAP server of 13 and 14 is different)

after it shows me “the purchase is success”
the app stop!

I tested it and trace what apple response to app
and I found the response of my Consumable products become Permanent products
In fact, in my game, there is no any Permanent products
and I didn’t change any code…

I can’t purchase this Consumable products again
Apple responses player already has this item, I should let player use it…

but because I just renew myflashlab IAP ANE
I’m not sure this is apple or myflashlab’ problem…(I have reported it to both two)

Just share with you
if your user tell me about IAP problem in recent days
It might be this case