Is not the correct way to reach Harman anymore?

I have sent an email to 8 days ago, asking some questions about their pricing policy. I have not yet received a response. I wonder if that is not the right way to contact them anymore? Or perhaps they are understaffed because of corona or something?

Nothing should have changed as indicated on their home page


Whilst we continue to work on integrating a payment mechanism into the website itself, we are using a more manual process currently in order for companies or individuals to purchase the required license for using the AIR SDK. Details of the pricing tiers can be found on the pricing page, and to order, we would request you to send a Purchase Order to us at We need to have your company details (full address) plus contact name and email address, and if it helps there is a template available that contains our company information.

Once we receive a PO, we can send out a license file (adt.lic) which should be saved into the ‘lib’ folder under the SDK, which then validates your installation as a licensed copy and ensures that applications you then package do not display the splash screen at start-up. Periodically we are doing an invoice run so would send you an invoice based on the PO, with payment being made either via bank transfer or using PayPal.

Now, off course, like anyone else Harman might be slower to answer because of coronavirus confinement etc.