Latest Update for AIR 33 SDK

Just a little post to relay the message

Hi all

Thank you for your patience while we have been working on the AIR runtime and SDK, and developing the infrastructure that we need for AIR SDK. While Google have removed the requirement for AIR-based applications to be updated to 64-bit this year, we are aware that some developers with new applications will want to take our version of AIR, so if you fall into this category, we can offer a distributable release of the SDK subject to acceptance of the new terms and conditions that are attached to this email, along with the pricing details as previously published and as also attached. If you can email us back stating that you agree to the terms and conditions of the license and commit to pay according to the pricing details – and also including details of which tier you expect to be in and how many copies of the SDK you would need to use – we can the arrange a payment mechanism and provide you with the release version of the SDK. Payment could be via bank transfer: if you’re able to raise a Purchase Order, we can then invoice you and request funds electronically; alternatively we’re working towards a payment mechanism via PayPal but there are some delays in getting this up and running.

For those wanting to continue to just try the software and ensure that it works with their toolchains and applications, we will also publish another beta release tonight that will continue to work for the next month (existing beta versions will stop working after July). For this, we will send it to those who have already accepted the beta license agreement, but for others who have not yet done so you can alternatively accept the terms of the attached agreement which also covers pre-release (beta) versions, and let us know that you just want the beta; we will then add you to the distribution list for this.

There are still some dependencies outside of our control that are causing delays to the deployment of our web site, but once that is available and once the PayPal integration is added to this, we will be able to move forwards faster and with a little less manual effort!

As an additional note: if you’ve filled in the contact form on our website, we just get a brief notification about this, so if you weren’t after the AIR SDK then please contact me separately at


HARMAN AIR SDK License Agreement.pdf (137.4 KB)
Adobe AIR - Updated Pricing.pdf (163.8 KB)

if you’re “late” on the news etc. and do need either try the software or subscribe to it
do not use this thread, you have to go on HARMAN web site and fill in the form at the bottom of the page


and/or alternatively email them at HARMAN Adobe Support with the instructions above about either accepting the beta license and/or accepting the license agreement