Loading image error with AIR

I think I got some error when I use this new version

It only happens in this new version

I change to use 33.02.338 and test my project again, it works…
every thing is well

I don’t know what different in this new version
but in my project
I will load a lot of image in different as

like this

public function set_str(): void
pic_str_arr[1] = new String(“pic/part_content.png”);
pic_str_arr[2] = new String(“pic/part_menu.png”);
pic_str_arr[3] = new String(“pic/part_info.png”);

for (i = 1; i <= (pic_str_arr.length - 1); i++)
img_loader_arr[i] = new Loader();
img_loader_arr[i].load(new URLRequest(pic_str_arr[i]));

img_loader_arr[i].contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loading_ok);

my project will be stopped and jump when loading these image…

does any one have the same issue??

Hi @darkcc and welcome to the forum

please do not revive an old post, just create your own post for your specific problem

please read Announcement: If you ask for help about code

so far I don’t see the full source code but I could guess you are loading images after images and you are not unloading them from memory, or at least you are not unhooking events, etc., so that would probably create some kind of memory leak and ultimately crash the runtime

it might have worked before just out of luck and now you see the runtime crashing it is not necessarily because the runtime changed things

but it is a guess, as I don’t have access to the sources

please provide a sample code that everyone can test
and once everyone can confirm the issue or indicates what is going wrong in your code
the same sample code can be used to post an issue to https://github.com/Gamua/Adobe-Runtime-Support/issues to make Harman aware of the problem.

I think I have found the problem myself…

in my code…
I will let the every loader be null after it was used
like this:

img_loader_arr[i].unloadAndStop(); <----A
img_loader_arr[i].unload(); <----B
img_loader_arr[i]=null; <—C

(I used to think this would free up memory, whether it is correct or not, I did)

I found the problem is in A and B
so I cancel A and B
and my project runs well !

I do n’t know why, but I hope this case can help someone