Looking for AIR/AS3 devs in Sweden

We are a startup in the energy space that grew from 10 to 25 people in the last year, and looking to go to 40 next year.

Our single biggest challenge in growing right now is finding talented AS3 devs for our AIR-powered mobile app product, based in Sweden.

We will sponsor visa, offer a good compensation package with equity in an international team.

We are open to contractors or full time employees, but no remote developers.

Ping me if you know someone who want more info?

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Hi and welcome to the forum

maybe provide a website or a bit more infos about the company (like where in Sweden)
so people wanting to apply can look it up

side note: keep in touch so later on I might ask you about your AIR app in some global AIR portfolio :wink:

Just wondering,

Would it be ideal to introduce a Jobs/Employment Opportunity category within the as3lang forum?

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possible but I guess it will be a bit light in content
so far I keep it to amount of posts, if the amount grow enough I will create the category
and retags the posts


Thanks @zwetan !
https://eliq.io is the one

Hello Energy2.0

Writing to you just to understand is this is even real to relocate.
I have huge experience in AS3 and Adobe AIR. I working with flash technologies since 2001.
Right now I continue to work with Adobe AIR and I have a service that works great with Flex app for Android/iOS. I wrote a lot of native extensions for our app, and also have great experience with building native apps for both Android and iOS. I’m not searching for a new job or something, I just want to understand, is that really possible to just take and relocate to Sweden, what that will mean for me and my family (wife and son) in long terms. I’m from Ukraine :slight_smile:

Best Regards

Hi Eldar,

It’s real. Almost half our team has moved from other countries to join us in Sweden =)

Happy to discuss what this would mean. Send a message on jobs @ eliq.io and we’ll take it from there?


Ok, thanks, I will write on e-mail

I sent the email, but never received the answer. Did you received it? Here is my email, maybe you will be able to contact me first: p i r r e s t @ g m a i l . c o m (without all spaces)

you should be able to contact users by sending private message
if you don’t want to display personal informations in the public forum
which is regularly crawled by search bots etc.

just sayin’

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Hi Energy2.0,

If you change your mind about remote developers, please keep in touch.

Best regards,