MDN Browser Compatibility Report 2020

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PDF link: MDN-Browser-Compatibility-Report-2020.pdf

MDN-Browser-Compatibility-Report-2020.pdf (1.8 MB)

The challenge of making web sites and applications work consistently across
browsers is well known to web developers and designers. In the 2019 MDN
Developer Needs Assessment, we learned that indeed it appears to be the overall
top pain point when building for the web, with four of the top five
frustrations/needs being related:

  1. Having to support specific browsers (e.g., IE11).
  2. (Outdated or inaccurate documentation for frameworks and libraries.)
  3. Avoiding or removing a feature that doesn’t work across browsers.
  4. Testing across browsers.
  5. Making a design look/work the same across browsers.

The MDN Browser Compatibility Report is a deeper dive into these issues,
attempting to identify specific issues causing a lot of frustration, and what could
be done to improve the situation. The research consisted of a survey focused on
browser compatibility , followed by interviews with 13 volunteers among the
survey participants.

This research was conducted by MDN, reviewed by the MDN Product Advisory
Board and led by Philip Jägenstedt (Google), Robert Nyman (Google) and Kadir
Topal (Mozilla). See acknowledgments for full details.

Gosh I hoped I had left these issues behind when I started coding in AS3 for the Flash Player in the 90s :smiley: