Microsoft Acquires GitHub


Ah a Monday with plenty of news :smiley:

First reported by Bloomberg during the week-end
Microsoft Is Said to Have Agreed to Acquire Coding Site GitHub

then validated a bit later by posts on Microsoft and Github
Microsoft + GitHub = Empowering Developers
A bright future for GitHub

and some people are losing their shit …

in A bright future for GitHub
from the current CEO Chris Wanstrath @defunkt

As part of this change, Nat Friedman will be taking on the role of GitHub’s CEO. We have been searching for a new CEO for some time and found in both Microsoft and Nat a partner we believe will strengthen and grow the GitHub community and company over the next few years. Nat has a ton of experience with software and the open source software community, having co-founded Xamarin and worked on numerous open source projects over the years, and is the perfect person to help GitHub grow and continue to make life better for developers.

to Hello, GitHub
by the future CEO Nat Friedman @natfriedman

At the same time, I understand that there is some healthy skepticism in the community, so I wanted to be absolutely clear about two things:

  • GitHub will operate independently as a community, platform, and business. This means that GitHub will retain its developer-first values, distinctive spirit, and open extensibility. We will always support developers in their choice of any language, license, tool, platform, or cloud.

  • GitHub will retain its product philosophy. We love GitHub because of the deep care and thoughtfulness that goes into every facet of the developer’s experience. I understand and respect this, and know that we will continue to build tasteful, snappy, polished tools that developers love.

I’m not asking for your trust, but I’m committed to earning it. I can’t wait to help make the GitHub platform and community that’s special to all of us even greater.

and he adds

PS: I’ll be doing an AMA on Reddit in the next few days, I hope to see you there!

So yeah some people are losing their shits, scared by evil Microsoft quoting Embrace, extend, and extinguish, threaten to move everything away to other GitSomething, etc.

Wether you think Microsoft is a bad thing (evil like in the 90s) or a good thing, even a blessing (because well… they’ve published tons of cool shit in OSS in the last few years), I would say as ActionScript developers you should be used to that kind of shifting already.

Remember OSFlash ?
Remember Google Code ?

free project hosting for open source software (OSS) is something that is nice and all
but it can stop, or at least it can change in such a way that it does not fit your needs or views anymore

even with Github when suddenly it goes down everyone’s panicking

well… all those source code hosting facilities have the same single point of failure: you are not in control

It’s OK, I get it, something like GitHub is extremely convenient, even without the “source code” part, the social part of it is enticing, but still you should cover you back.

Even as a solo dev, even if for only a couple of projects, you should be in control of your source code.

It’s not a super easy path but it’s not that hard either

  • renting a server
  • learn bits of Linux sysadmin
  • self host your own svn/hg/git repositories
  • mirror/clone some of them to a facility like Github

and here some advantages

  • no DMCA take down
    they can take it down on Github but not on your server
  • no “Github is down”
    wether Github fall under a huge DDoS attack your server keep running
  • private repositories
    that you can connect to your own tools
    that you can setup for your own clients or others
  • full control of your data, your backup, who has access to them etc.
  • if you don’t like it you can move away and respawn elsewhere
    eg. instead of mirroring to Github you can mirror to Gitlab

That said, I still use Github, even pay a monthly fee to it, and I don’t think bad things will happen because of that Microsoft acquisition.


Why did Microsoft purchase it? Did they need more resources? They were doing so well in my opinion. I always had a reply in 2 days. Many times it was a pleasant response and “feature is already planned.”


one said MS wants to be Developer’s friends


Nice joke ah?

Why Adobe AIR ? Let me tell you why

Off course they want to be developers’ friend
everyone want (and need) developers for their own plateform/ecosystem

Look at Dart for example
in a recent video Ryan Dahl mention in 10 Things I Regret About Node.js at 20:20

euh … Dart!!
do you guys know Dart?
total failure
like … jesus
I mean … very good intentions and very cool
but obviously a failure at this point
and TypeScript took a totally different approach to the problem
and worked completely in JavaScript
and solved it in a way that is satisfying many people
so if you have not been using TypeScript, please check it out
I want this thing to do TypeScript because I like it

that’s why Google is trying to reboot the language
Announcing Dart 2: Optimized for Client-Side Development see comments

and double down on Flutter (which use Dart)
Ready for Production Apps: Flutter Beta 3 see comments

Even something like Dart, backed by Google no less, need developers

But it also depends on timing, the project mentioned in the video above: deno
well … let’s say it got too many people looking into it too early (see the shitty comments)

so yeah developers are needed everywhere, they are the blood of many projects


Well except on Android, for Google I really not so interested on the toolkit they provide.
Google has killed so many good shit and replaced with the worse one.
People complain on new Picasa , new Angular etc. etc.
Even with native Android itself , OMG the whole ‘support library’ thing can go very wild and horribly complicated.

Im totally agree that devs are the blood of the projects.

Sometimes many tech companies just ‘playing’ the ‘blood’ with sudden massive radical change. I do understand that time is everything, but careful design that merits on every factors would be a holy mowly that every devs would thank for.

Like Flash platform. Despite the rest of the world claimed its death, and SJ of Apple inc wrote his love letter, I still feel so confidence coding in AS3, Flex and Starling.

On current time, by the rise and fall of so many ‘cross platform’ libs and frameworks and the apparent doubts from the ‘blood’ on its future , feature and support, I would like to say:
whoever design Flash platform and modelled it’s ecosystem they deserve standing applause.

What they have designed and modelled for so long now is being copy-pasted by so many companies.

Nah, for me they already made developers their friend.