Moderation on this forum


Effective immediately the FAQ and guideline will be enforced with more care

That means as an admin/moderator I will not try to be smart or funny about bad behavior, I will simply warn the culprit by private message once, if the bad behavior continue either the post or topic or user account altogether will be deleted.

The general rules are pretty well explained in the FAQ, if you feel there is a problem somewhere just use the flag button.

It’s not my goal to be the police or the janitor as the proverbial saying

I don’t have time for this shit

Remember that your contribution is valued, that you can earn to be a moderator by simply contributing a lot to this forum, and in any case try to not take yourself too seriously :slight_smile:

On my side, if the only way to put safe in “Safe Haven” is to delete stuff and ban a user, I will not think twice about it.

Just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood zwetan!

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