Movieclip scrolling on GPU

Is it possible to get good performance and smooth fluid scroll of a Movieclip on Desktop/Windows with Harman / Adobe Air.

Currently I’m scrolling in on the regular Air display list, with Greensock, its just a simple tween on the “y” property of the movieclip. But I see that as the speed of scrolling increases I can see screen tearing and some jiggling of the graphics. I have set frame rate at 60fps.

Will doing this with something like Starling increase performance and give a visually appealing animation. I guess Starling delegates its work to the GPU via Stage3D, but I’m unsure how MovieClips are handled in starling.

What are you trying to do?
Why insist on 60fps?
What are the size of the stage and movieclip?

When I tried with 30fps there was some jitter in the scrolling, so I got the fps up to 60.
Its a long movieclip that needs to be scrolled endlessly, something like a ticker on a website, but I don’t what it to tear.
The length of the movieclip could be 2000 to 3000 pixels

lol OK …

so if you want speed of scrolling, you forgot MovieClip or anything vector
and you use strictly bitmaps

you can also use cacheAsBitmap=true and scrollRect
and search the archives for “perfomance”

where you will find for ex posts like
Memory and Performance
where you can find links about many other articles

Does flash / air re-render the whole movieclip on its position change?
I thought the whole tear issue was due to Air not syncing with the monitor vertical sync or v-sync. I found lot of articles on this issue.
But I guess I can give your idea a try.

I am using the TouchScroller from myFlashLabs. It is very fast and smooth in GPU rendering mode and has a lot of features.

I have tested almost everything out there and this is the best by far.

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That sounds great. I want to scroll it in auto mode though not by touch. Can it do that?

They give you the source code along with the component, so you can do pretty much anything. I think though that you can do that out of the box.

I’ve noticed the same thing so I tried ScrollPane and got better performance from it

import fl.containers.ScrollPane;
var s:ScrollPane = new ScrollPane();
s.scrollDrag = true;
s.source = your-movieclip;

I use MouseDown & MouseMove to make it glide after a flick up/down like how a phone or touch screen laptop would. I use code to control the scroll position like

s.verticalScrollPosition = where-you-want-it;

This is amazing, is ScrollPane available in AS3 or is it Flex only? I’ll give it a shot!

I tried looking for ScrollPane in Flash Develop with AIR 29 SDK, however I don’t find “fl.containers” package, I can only see


Please suggest.

You need to include the libraries for it. Like with a .swc file or something. It’s possible the component is closed source and not available without Adobe Animate. I thought there would be a few useful links while searching online but most links reported needing Adobe Animate.

This is amazing.