MyFlashLabs releases "Common Dependency ANEs"


This is our first post here in as3lang and we’re happy to see such a fancy forum for the Air community. Good job @zwetan :slight_smile:

So, I’m posting to announce a very interesting contribution we have made to the Air community which will help resolve that ANE conflicting error message for good.

dx tool failed:UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL EXCEPTION:java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added: blah, blah, blah…

We are officially allowing all Air Native Extensions providers/developers to use our Common Dependency ANEs free of any charge so the Air community won’t see that scary Air Native Extension conflict error message any more!

To read more, you can check out the original post here:

Best Regards,
MyFlashLabs Team

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providing the Github URL would have been nicer

and yes to make an open source project is nice but here a couple of critics

  • mentioning “free of charge” in the context of an open source project
  • nothing is open source as your project offers only pre-compiled binaries
  • because there are no sources, nobody can contribute and/or inspect the code

if you have problems with open source projects ask around there are plenty of people that can help

Also, don’t confuse this forum with an advertising platform.


You pointed out some facts but they are not relevant to this context.

  1. We didn’t say we open sourced them!
  2. they are free of charge to be used by other ANE developers/providers. (Don’t confuse this with being open sourced)
  3. We’re not expecting the community to contribute to the upgrade of Common Dependency ANEs. we will do that and if anyone is using them, the version they used can stay valid. If they wish, they can use their own methods.
  4. I linked to the blog post which includes more information about the offer itself. The github link includes the tech side only.
  5. We have no intention on doing advertisements on this forum! It’s a free tool we are giving away to help the Air community.

I guess you didn’t completely read the post though :slight_smile:


everything I stated is true

usually when you see a project hosted on Github you expect it to be open source

I could also add

  • building an ANE based on someone else closed source binaries is a HUGE security risk
  • you are presenting your solution as the “ultimate solution”
    and inviting everyone else to be dependant on your closed source solution
  • you don’t document what you override and why, for example
  • you call that a “contribution”, I call that a dependency trap

I understand you try to solve your own dependency nightmare,
but I don’t see how and why everyone should adopt your solution
while it is closed source …

“Trust us, it’s closed source”

not gonna happen :smile:


I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the word choices you made like HUGE security risk or dependency trap. It feels like we are not appreciated at all in what we are doing. So, I guess I’m leaving this discussion now!

Yet, before I leave, I’d like to add some comments on why it’s not an open source project (at least not for now). maintaining an open source project is very tricky, I’m sure we agree on that. There are many open source ANEs at the moment available which are mostly not well maintained and are out of date. They don’t get the latest updates fast enough which exposes serious app productions to risk. Not all open source projects suffer this problem but most of them do. I’m not implying that we are against open source idea! please don’t confuse subjects with each other. we do like open sourcing but we only do that when we are 100% sure that we can maintain the open sourced project with full care.

Thanks for your feedback.