Native extension milkmangames extensions problem with 64bit

I work at adobe animate cc 2020 with sdk

I published my apk with ARMv8 (64 bit) with also the Milkmangame extension to display Admob

APK is successfully published but it displays an error

Warning: Using default implementation for native extension ‘com.milkmangames.extensions.AdMob.ane’

so when i tested my APK in my device the ADMOB does not appear


you should contact milkmangames

top of my head it seems your ANE is not 64-bit but it could be something else

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happy with your answer zwetan sir
I contacted them several times without anything

then replace the ANE with one from another vendor that is more reactive

any help please
to replace this extension with another

find the equivalent ANE from another vendor out there

doing a google search “Admob ANE” is too hard ?

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I find the ANE it’s pozirk
the banner is display fine
but the interstitial not display
NativeApplication.nativeApplication.addEventListener(Event.ACTIVATE, function(event:Event):void
//showing smart-size ad at the bottom center side of the screen
//“ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111”, AdParams.SIZE_SMART_BANNER, AdParams.HALIGN_CENTER, AdParams.VALIGN_BOTTOM);
//caching and showing interstitial ad

function onCacheEvent(ae:AdEvent):void



I don’t know this particular ANE or vendor and you don’t provide a link

In general, you should ask first the vendor of the ANE for support,
it is their ANE, their source code, they will know better.

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it’s free ANE