Need a category?



categories are pretty sparse for now

the defaults one are

  • ActionScript 3.0
    that’s why we are all here right ?
  • News
  • Feedback

others are based on the runtimes being able to execute AS3

  • Flash Player
  • Adobe AIR
  • Redtamarin

if you need a special category
it basically happen here

the Discourse documentation advise this

Don’t create too many initial categories, as you can overwhelm your audience. You can always add more categories, and easily bulk recategorize topics later. It’s better to figure out the organization as you go rather than assuming you’ll get it all right from the beginning (hint: you won’t).

Let’s try to do it like that :slight_smile:


Could we have categories for AWAY3D , Flare 3D , etc ?
Maybe we can discuss them and share knowledge here as well :slight_smile:


OK, what about a category Stage3D
and if the volume of post justify it
split it later in sub-categories like Away3D, Flare3D, etc. ?


Hey Zwetan,

Can we add any kind of as3 related project? Just made a gradle plugin to build AIR app, thought we could add it?


for now I would say just post in “Adobe AIR” as it is AIR related

categories, posts, etc. can all be changed/moved later


How about a category for transpiled AS3? I’d set up shop here to help developers troubleshoot issues transpiling AS3 to JS using Apache FlexJS.


Yes no prob, technically because those forum are new I go with the “big category” first that can then lead to “sub category” second

So we could imagine a category “tools” or even “SDK” etc.

But in fact, in this case as you are the lead on FlexJS, let’s directly create a FlexJS category and bump you mod on it, so if you wish you can even invite yoru users to the category

let me know if it’s OK for you ?


I see where you’re coming with a tools or SDK category, but I was thinking that transpiled AS3 could be considered to be more like another runtime, in a way, because it doesn’t run on Flash Player, AIR, or Redtamarin.

Personally, I like to make a distinction between transpiled AS3 and the FlexJS framework. Kind of like how people treat Flex and pure AS3 differently in the Flash world. The category name could refer to Apache FlexJS, but that might make people incorrectly think it’s only about the framework.

It’s worth noting that I’m just another contributor on the Apache FlexJS SDK. One among many. I’m simply very passionate about promoting this new way of using the ActionScript language. Enough to learn how to contribute to the compiler, and to help others learn.


OK I hear you

in any case we can perfectly start with a “Transpiled” category
and after topics etc. can be moved re-organised if needed

and yeah I may have use “lead” a bit too widely


Sounds better Idea :slight_smile:


Maybe a showcase forum? There isnt that many places that a dev can use to get their work out there.


yep definitively thinking of that one

for now maybe let favor announce in the #news category

if ppl have open source libraries, project made with Flash / AIR, if it’s games or apps, a topic can contain images, embed youtube videos etc.

ideally, if I can pull that off I would rather have the showcase happening on something else, well … I make a post abotu that later :wink:


How about category for MVC?
and sub categories for mobil, we, air ?


right now if we flood the forum with too much categories
it could ahem “kill” the forum

so if you need to talk MVC post in #actionscript3

if you need to talk web related use #flash and/or #actionscript3
and if you need to talk mobile or desktop use #air

this forum is made in such a way that the topics can be moved to other categories later

in a way the number of categories really depends on the number of users
and the number of posts

more posts and more users will almost automatically bring more categories


and the subcategory Starling too please :slight_smile:


sorry I should have mentioned this more clearly

the idea behind this topic was more about

hey if your current forum suck and you want to move it all here
I will open a category for you and make you mod so you can manage it

It didn’t generated much interest

so far too many categories can “kill” the forum as it’s not very interesting to have a lonely topic in a special category

this forum in made in such a way that we can move and batch move many topics to new categories

so for now, we keep the categories a they are, for anything 3D look or post into #stage3d , if it happen there is a serious rise of posts specialised about starling then a new category “starling” will be created

and about the same logic for all the other categories
I ll close this thread now

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