Need help to change Adobe Air Native Extensions

I have a small project in Adobe Animate cc to publish apk file with Milkman game extension.
but this extension does not support android 64bit
then I need help to change this extension to another extension either Myflashlabs or import which supports android 64bit

Which milkmangames extensions are you replacing?

Try distriqt ANE, some of them are better suited than milkman for 64b

considering it is the first time you post here @terraform_144

instead of making a one liner comment which in itself has no value
could you expand on the why one vendor ANE vs another vendor ANE is better suited for 64-bits ?

I’ll be clear, I don’t favour or defend any ANE vendors in particular
but I’m also a goddam dev who do know the difference between 32-bits and 64-bits compilation
as such I will not tolerate such bullshit comments here

if you went with “I prefer such vendor because of this or that” whether it is their doc, their support, their price, etc. that would be fine as an opinion

but going with “oh this thing is not suited for 64-bits”, nope
that’s bull

anything that is 32-bits can compile to 64-bits
there is no such thing as “better suited for 64-bits”
and there are certainly no vendors that has some magic tools or recipe to compile to 64-bits better

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Milkman doesn’t support Android 64 bit, it isn’t compiled with Harman SDK.
ANE file is just a zip file, I think it’s possible to extract files and recompile it using Harman SDK for 64 bit.

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This is true only if the ANE uses pure Java code. If the extension uses any native code then you have to have access to the code to compile for the correct architecture.

That said, a lot of extensions are pure java so it’s definitely could be possible to update, however that doesn’t mean the java code isn’t outdated. :wink:

I try this but not working