Need help to integrated distriqt ane with my simple project

I have a simple code can convert swf to apk
so I need help to integrated distriqt ane

Hello @uphona and welcome to the forum

most Distriq ANE have their own support page and their own help
so it would be best to look there first

after that if you have specific errors
please read Announcement: If you ask for help about code

“as is” we don’t know which Distriq ANE you are using
which AIR SDK you are using
and what kind of publishing you try to do

APK only indicates it is for Android, but there are many versions, 32-bit and 64-bit, etc.

Without those details not much we can do to help

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Hi, As @zwetan said, if you use the github issue tracker for the ANE our developers will guide you through the integration of the ANEs.

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I’m working with milkmanplugins
it’s working for 32bit apk files with admob fine
but with 64bit apk files the admob not working about
So I want to move to another extension who can work admob with 64bit apk files