Netstream can not play MP4 video

now ,i update the air sdk to when i play a video(the video resolution 5760*1080,more than 4k) ,the video will pause at first screen ,it does not play automatically. but i use the version . it is all right.why???
can anyone help me? thx.
it is the code:

                           var nc:NetConnection= new NetConnection();
				ns= new NetStream(nc);
				ns.client = function (info: Object): void {};
				var opt:NetStreamPlayOptions= new NetStreamPlayOptions();
				opt.streamName = File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("video.mp4").url;
				var video:Video=new Video(5760,1080)


Seems like AIR 33 issue with video playback:

And another issue with 4K+ video playback:

If you using AIR for desktop then you should use AIR until HARMAN fix video issues with AIR 33+.
With AIR video playback works fine. But it also has a problem with playback 4K+ resolution videos.

It is a bad news for me.
when i use the verson ,i can play the video more then 4k+ resulution(just only mp4).but it will stop and crash after 3 or less times looping by random time. it is crazy,the bug keep nearly one year!

see previous discussions

you don’t say if you’re publishing to desktop or mobile

sound like a memory leak, could be a bug in AIR but could also be a bug in your code

have you tried with StageVideo instead of Video?
in general, I would say, do you really need 4K ?
did you use Adobe Scout CC to debug ? see what is using the memory ?

I would advise to look at the Video Encoding Cookbook and Profile Guidelines for the Adobe Flash Platform document

test with lower size video see if you got the same issue

read the docs

run on desktop win 10 .
I am sure that not leak memory. it is a AIR SDK BUGGER.

now i give up,waiting for the harman fix it.

just now ,more then 4k video will be popular than popular.

you’re still assuming it is a runtime bug and not a bug in your code

thing is without going further than “it does not work” and “I blame AIR”

I’m not sure what kind of help you’re expecting here ?

well… must not a be a very important bug to you as it took you 10+ days to come back at it

it is very diffcult to solve the bugger for me. now i turn to be touchdisgner developer. everything work well.

it is a funny job.