New Adobe AIR 33 Pricing - how do you think?

This is the attachment I got , how do you think?

Adobe AIR - Pricing.pdf (133.4 KB)

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That’s pretty normal pricing but yeah off course some people will not be happy
because AIR has been free for so long, and it’s pretty hard to beats free.

to put things in perspective

  • $199 is 0.4% of 50kpa
  • $999 is 0.5% of 200kpa
  • $1999 is 1% of 200kpa


  • an iOS/macOS developer license cost me €99 (~$112) per year
  • as a small business, to host 1 website I can invoice customers €20 per month
  • as a freelance developer, I can cover the cost of $199 per month
    in less than a day of work

so sure, if your plan is to publish only free Android apps and you don’t want to show a splash screen, the $199 per year will feel like a tax, but it is manageable.

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I don’t use AIR with commercial purposes so I don’t mind the splash screen and don’t care about the pricing. But I will keep an eye on this, I wonder if they will add cool features. I’m hoping for API’s, let’s say for mobile, so you don’t have to use a Native Extension. If it’s just security updates well that’s not very exciting.

They are open to feedback and have been very receptive to anything people sent them.

I had some concerns about the cancelation, and what that means for desktop developers. Mobile app stores are different, and that makes sense in that context, but desktop developers that have (for example) 40+ games and put a game up somewhere and forget about it OR can’t access it after distributing to stores (there are common cases with publishers where that happens), would be impacted by the cancelation (no longer distributing unless repacked for free tier). It’s not very practical for indie developers targeting desktops. There are quite a few scenarios where that might get in the way.

The not having a splash screen was a big selling point for AIR. It would be cool to have a lite version (with no splash screen) so devs can get their teeth wet with it and then pay for it. I could see that drawing in new people more.
My concern is what this means for new people (as well as smaller devs), and if they will be scared off by that AND the reputation the technology has. It seems like the biggest hurdle would be getting past the negativity so new people would be enticed to try it.

Either way, I’m hopeful. It’s really cool that they answer back and take suggestions to heart.

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I know ANE can get quite complicated or scary for some users,
but to me, current API extendable with ANE, this is the perfect balance

new API why not, but the essential is to have a stable publishing platform
AS3 + AVM2 + Display List + Stage3D + the current API cover already a lot

I personally don’t mind paying such fee, however it such disappointment when I compare to , for example Unity pricing.
I mean, lowest commercial tear on Unity is $25~$35. Thats including IDE while $19.99/mo on AIR is only for SDK?

Seriously, Harman should build solid business model in the very nutshell than just setting pricing like that.

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Honestly for desktop I don’t see that as a huge problem
even sticking to free AIR 32 you can go on and publish for few years

but yeah in the general case for when dev pay licensing fees
things like having an automated build, managing builds with different AIR SDK versions, etc.
gonna be less avoidable, especially if you publish 40+ apps

now for the case of publishers not allowing to update an already published app
if you already paying any license fee, I guess you would not need to
republish the app if the revenue per year change, you would just need to pay more or less
of a licensing fee to Harman

also the way I understood the licensing, it is only based on the revenue,
so you could publish 4, 40 or 400 apps, and across many platforms
this would not influence the price

I have only one commercial app that performs just under the $50k limit. I don’t mind $199/year. As zwetan mentioned, it’s a tiny percentage in the overall scheme of things. However, I’d like to know how Harmon is going to know what the income from an app is. They’re not getting access to our developer accounts.

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Hi @polyGeek and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

this is the part where they say (last slide)

  • HARMAN will require audit rights to help validate the correct tiers are being applied; appropriate terminology to be added to the AIR SDK license agreement.

so yeah I understand that “audit rights” could be worrying,
but I would say it largely depends on how it is written in the license agreement
what they call “appropriate terminology”.

Here a sample found online about
Net Revenue Audit Rights Sample Clauses

Net Revenue Audit Rights (i) From and after delivery of the Net Revenue Statement in connection with a Milestone Non-Achievement Certificate delivered in respect of the Net Revenue Milestone, upon reasonable advance written notice from the Acting Holders, Parent shall permit the Independent Accountant, at Parent’s expense, to have access at reasonable times during normal business hours to the books and records of Parent and its Affiliates as may be reasonably necessary to evaluate and verify the accuracy of the Net Revenue calculations set forth in the Net Revenue Statement and the figures underlying such calculations; provided that (x) the Acting Holders (and the Independent Accountant) enter into customary confidentiality agreements reasonably satisfactory to Parent with respect to the confidential information of Parent or its Affiliates to be furnished pursuant to this Section 13.04 and (y) such access does not unreasonably interfere with the conduct of the business of Parent or any of its Affiliates. The Independent Accountant shall disclose to the Acting Holders only whether the Net Revenue Milestone Payment was due and such additional information directly related to its findings. The Independent Accountant shall provide Parent with a copy of all disclosures made to the Acting Holders. The fees and charges by the Independent Accountant shall be borne by Parent or its Affiliates.

after that it depends on the company, maybe they would want to use it only in the odd case, maybe they will hire a 3rd party auditing firm to do systematic audits, etc.

I honestly don’t know and it could be anything
it could even be a stupid thing like engineers mentioning that the splash screen is easily crackable and so legal department insisting for this “audit rights” to counter case this specific case

really my guess is as good as yours

personally I don’t think HARMAN are bad guys and assuming they spent a little fortune to license the AIR SDK they simply want to protect their interests

that said I would be ready to pay more licensing fees (like 2%) and have this “audit rights” clause removed :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do not mind paying as long as it’s supported by the tool I use.

Checking out information from Android, we know that when compiling AIR via Adobe Animate, we already found the library: “armeabi-v7a”. Will the options for compiling “AIR for Android” in Adobe Animate be the same for AIR 33 64bit, already included in the “arm64-v8a” library? …or does Adobe Animate still depend on some update for this?

…all software need updating? :thinking:
Apparently Intellij IDEA has been updated:

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Yes there is bug for now with Animate, HARMAN is aware of it

  1. The current status of the SDK and the AIR binaries… We have sent out links for the AIR SDK to a number of folk, and have been getting some messages back – thank you for these! There are a couple of fundamental issues that we need to address, and then we will be looking to push out an updated version which we hope will allow you to progress. The key things are:

    a) ARMv7 binaries are crashing on start-up: this is caused by misaligned memory access caused by a compiler optimisation. We are looking how to work around this without losing the optimisations, but for now please focus on the ARMv8 targets!

    b) ADT will still default to ARMv7 and tools such as Animate and IDEA don’t yet have a way to request the ‘arm8’ target (note – we will change this to ‘armv8’ for consistency…). So we will be adding a way to allow you to set the default target architecture, or even to override the command-line setting perhaps.

    c) The new AIR SDK doesn’t work within Animate because they are checking the version with “adt -version” and we have changed the output of this command to include the copyright notice. Rather than needing them to change, we will update ADT so it responds solely with the version code.

So far we’ve not heard any major issues on the ARMv8 targets other than an odd performance slow-down with display list rendering via GPU, which we’ll investigate. Feedback (positive or negative) is always welcome!


They better have very good support and/or work on new desktop features because the price is almost twice as much as Unity Pro for half as much features…

I hope we won’t be forced to upgrade to 33+ after december 2020.

+1 …With such a pricing only the current As3 Developper would eventually like to stick to Air developpement.
All others will go Unity . Pricing more viable for very early production and indies

Where can I download the new 64bit SDK pleassse

It should be requested by email:

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I got it already, thanks.

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Did yout forgot to multiply on developers number? 10 developers = 10%.
Also revenue is not profit. So conditionally if you have 10 developers, 200k revenue and 190k cost - you still need to find 10k for harman.

indeed but are you talking “in theory” or “from experience” ?

so on my side from experience I could say

  • the numbers have slightly changed, check the latest document
  • not all developers have to publish the APK
    technically you would need only 1 license for 1 seat/machine
  • if you cost eat your revenue so much that you have only 10K left
    there is problem somewhere

The only hope it doesn’t violates the agreement
In theory ofc, I’ve never use so expensive sdk before :sweat_smile: