New AS3 to Optimized JS compiler


Did you see the rumor on Facebook Stage3D group about new AS3 to Optimized JS compiler? It’s still in development but looks promising.

Citing the author of the post: “it is not just a simple transpiler, but more a full working tool-chain, includes compiling, linking, debugging,etc.”

The post here:


couple of things …

  • to be able to see this link someone need to have a facebook account
    I’m of the opinion of Dave Winer Why I Can’t/Won’t Point to Facebook Blog Posts
    and John gruber Fuck Facebook
  • the link pointed out in the FB post "For anyone who are interested how this works "
    also can not be accessed without having an apache confluence account
  • it is an announcement where 2 screenshots are shown but nothing you can actually use/test for yourself
  • in part of the announcement you can see “we are planning to release the full sdk (OPEN SOURCE) and code IDE this year”, in general for open source the advice is “release early, release often”
  • this forum (as3lang) is accessible to anyone who want to make such announcement
    eg. it’s not a private club
  • @lizhi could have announced it here but he didn’t

so yeah I heard about it and lot of people seems pretty excited about i
but I dont’t have much to say about it as I know close to nothing about it

the announcement says it’s based on Flash Develop, so it will work only under Windows,
which I think it’s no really a good strategy, but again just my opinion


No, that’s not true. Did you even check it @zwetan? Just logout from facebook and check the link.


Yes, I did check it but that exactly the problem with FB links
a link you can access today may not be accessible tomorrow

I already saw that link before but:

  1. I have a FB account
  2. and I’m subscribed to the FB group where this link was posted

now I assumed because it was a group post it was only visible to people subscribed to the group,
and in a certain way it is, when I access this link I can see the comments, others (no FB account, not subscribed to the group) can not see the comments.

FB can change the rules anytime, people/admin/etc. can change the rules on how posts get displayed: age restriction, country restriction, etc.

So please don’t give me shit because I didn’t fully checked a post that have been published on a private walled garden in the first place, their problem, not mine.


I’m also in the group that does not follow Facebook links. In the past I attempted to view FB pages and it required me to log in to view the page. What? Why? If you are requiring me to log in then no.

@Lizhi could have announced it here

To be fair, I don’t think of posting news here as much as having related discussions here but I see no reason not to post news updates here.

I liked the idea of FlashDevelop but when I switched to Mac there was no version available for it. There are others that are working on cross platform tools such as Moonshine IDE, Visual Studio Code and Intellij.


This forum can have a setup
“Require authentication to read content on this site, disallow anonymous access.”
which is disabled because I wanted the content to be publicly accessible

I try to post news as much as time allows, I probably miss some
but I do think anyone subscribed here could post news if they want
wether that happen or not is out of my reach.

Now “news” does not mean “anything”

I don’t want this forum to turn out into a place of advertising for commercial ANE
like you can see on the Adobe Air community on google plus

There is no advertising here, but I have no problem with people promoting their stuff
wether it is an app, a site, whatever, etc. as long as it is related to as3
and as long as it has some content (not just one link).

Having an IDE which is not cross-platform is a not a big problem as long as you build on the command-line, you could use Flash Develop on Windows and Flash Builder on macOS for example.

But the other problem with most of those IDE is that they want to take over the build (how stuff get compiled).

At the second you require someone to have this specific IDE to compile your project, imho you have failed, and this is even worst when it come to open source projects.

Now in the case of an “AS3 to Optimized JS compiler”, using Flash Develop as a requirement to use it will prevent developers to debug their project under macOS, Linux, etc. and especially the HTML browsers that are running on those systems.

What happen when your great AS3 app transpiled to JS happen to have a bug under macOS Safari ?
How do you debug your app there ?


js and flashdevelop