New MacOS Desktop support from iOS apps

Hi, Can any boffins ‘in the know’ shed any light on how we will be able to extend iOS apps to work on Desktop?

Is this feature only on future macs or some existing macs, because I don’t want to buy a new one!

And if anyone has heard from Harman about updating the Desktop process in Animate, please let me know. If Apple are pushing Desktop it could be good timing…

I can’t answer this exactly but it would be a fun experiment to use this link to try it out, I am curious as well.

If only Apple would take 30% of my Mac desktop app sales as well as my iOS sales!

Thanks for sharing this Jon. It would be interesting to see how the interactivity would work, going from touch to mouse roll over etc… and we’d need to then try it out and test it on Desktop. But how to test the ipa file on desktop?

So many questions. We need an Ane or something!

I’d pay for this if it was easy enough to implement.