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OK, sometimes you are so busy on the source code that you forget the “little things” like a clear and updated README.

So here the new Redtamarin README

you can compare to the old one which is still online for now

imho it’s more accurate, provide more explanations about the project itself,
and yeah is longer

so what do you think? clearer ? better ? or not ?

or simply put, when you read the first paragraph or so,
dos it make it clear for you what the project is about ?


Simply put, Redtamarin is based on the Avmplus project (previously known as Tamarin)
and allow to run ActionScript 3.0 on the command-line.

Because Tamarin/Avmplus focus was mainly the ActionScript Virtual Machine v2
(also kown as AVM2, AVM+, Avmplus) to use in their respective runtimes
the Flash player and Adobe AIR, Avmplus supported only AS3 builtins like
Object, Array, ByteArray, etc. (“as is” you could not do much with them).

Redtamarin have taken on the mission to expand avmplus with more functionalities
and native API like accessing the file system, the network, hardware informations, etc.
in order to produce 32bit and 64bit runtimes for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

It’s not the same as the Flash/AIR API but it is still a damn good cross-platform API.

Redtamarin is a complex project and here the short layout

  • main sources are C/C++ and ActionScript 3.0
  • the C/C++ sources compile for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • 99% of the native functionalities are ported to those platforms:
    Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • it is also a documentation project where we focus on
    AVM2, AS3, POSIX, web servers, etc.
  • from the sources we build a serie of executables
  • finally we release a meta-package
    the Redtamarin SDK which allow to distribute and install
    • the redshell cross-platform runtimes
    • the redtamarin command-line utility
    • the redbean command-line utility
    • command-line manuals (man files)
    • HTML documentations

Mission Statement

To support the use of the AS3 language for cross-platform command-line executable,
as single exe either for the desktop or the server, as scripts for automation,
as tools for the AS3Lang community.

What Do You Get?

A small and fast portable runtime that you can deploy and use on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

You can reuse the ActionScript 3 language to write shell scripts, build command-line tools,
server-side applications, server and/or desktop daemons / background services, etc.

You can reuse the AVM2 runtime to compile and run either AS3 and/or JS sources (ECMA-262 3rd ed.).

You can work on any supported platforms and export to any supported platforms,
like work from a Windows desktop to produce a tool that run on a Linux server for example.

If you already know Adobe AIR, it’s the same principle but for the CLI
(Command Line Interface), build it once and deploy anywhere it is supported.

You can port C/C++ functionalities to AS3 in a cross-platform way with the help of our C API,
and at the same time you can reuse UTF-8 Strings, speak native ByteArray and send
ActionScript Message Format (AMF) over sockets, and many other things …

You can distribute your code in many different way

  • as plain sources to be run as shell script (as3shebang need to be installed)
  • as ActionScript Bytecode (ABC) files to be run with runtimes like redshell
  • as a Small Web Format (SWF) file that bundle many ABC files
    that can be excuted by redshell (it will not work with Flash or AIR)
  • as a single independant executable with no dependencies whatsoever

What You Don’t Get?

Redtamarin is not meant to replace the Flash player or Adobe AIR,
our runtimes do not support GUI applications.

Our runtimes only work on supported platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux;
they will not work with mobile platforms like Android and iOS and other
architectures not specifically supported like ARM CPU.

Our runtimes does not support the whole SWF specification,
you can embed code and some arbitrary binary data but we
do not support specific tags like image, audio, video, etc.

Even if our goal is to support one day the full spectrum of the Flash API
with our code library AVMGlue, we do not support all those API yet.


Latest release is 0.4.2 published the TBD.

This project is active even if the sources are not updated on a regular basis.

We spend a lot of time builing up the runtimes with new features, and then
we spend even more time using those new features by building tools, libraries, etc.
on the currently available runtimes.

Past Status

One of the first questions people ask when discovering redtamarin are

  • Why ?
  • Why still use ActionScript 3 ?
  • Why the command line / server side ?
  • What can you do with it ?

Because of that we decided to stop implementing new native functionalities for a while
and focus instead on “building things with it”, and here what we got so far:

  • The Redtamarin SDK
    Contains the redshell executable for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit)
    the documentation, and tools.
  • redbean (part of the SDK for now)
    A tool that allows to build, compile, run, manipulate, organise, etc.
    ActionScript 3.0 projects for RedTamarin
  • as3shebang
    Run ActionScript 3.0 shell scripts
    A prototype website programmed entirely in AS3
    A community website about the ActionScript 3.0 language
    based on the prototype above and refactored to nicer/cleaner code
    full sources code available
    as well as libraries: ansilib, httplib, etc.

That was about 1 year ago (February 2016), we are now very sastified with the results
as we used redtamarin, redshell, as3shebang and many oteher tools to produce
sysadmin scripts and other command-line tools, small web sites, REST API, etc.


Tamarin project
hosted at Mozilla tamarin-redux
started in 2006 and closed down in 2013

  • redtamarin started in 2008 based on tamarin-central
  • redtamarin epxrimented and added functionalities from 2008 to 2014
  • redtamarin is based on the latest tamarin-redux sources from 2013
  • from 2014 redtamarin development became “more serious”

the Tamarin project was renamed to Avmplus and hosted on Adobe Flash Github in 2013

Adobe moved the hosting of Avmplus to another Github repository
and then updated it 2015-12-16 and 2016-03-24



AS3Lang Community

Official Website (need to be updated)

File a Bug Report or a Feature Request

RedTamarin Google+ Community (ancient, not updated anymore)


Our original repository was hosted on Google Code

Now we host the sources on our own server and mirror on Github.

Not that we don’t trust Github but we have been burned too many times
by open source repositories closing down on us.

You can still propose “pull request” (PR) within Github,
please read first How To Contribute.


This is much better detail. I like it