OK I am aboard, saying hello


Hey Zwetan!

Long time no talk! I am still actively working in FlashBuilder / AS / Flex app development. It’s my favorite platform to develop quick things.

So I am recently getting some budget to do development on an internet research App I have been developing for years, and happily debugging (well not so happily, trying to debug background threads doesn’t work great, the debugger loses connection with the program after a few steps, or a couple of minutes inspecting vars, then everything has to be restarted) and fixing things. Finally get to point where I need to send a build to my coworkers to try.

So imagine my horror yesterday when I couldn’t create AIR app to send to my partners because of timestamps, and then even worse when applying the Java 8 for Mac OSX advice from Adobe totally hosed my machine where I couldn’t even debug or build anymore! And we only have one day left of budget, and I dont have the finances to go out of pocket on my own for some long drawn out chase of some development tool temper tantrum.

So I came across your post where about that problem, and I remembered fondly our previously correspondences when I was on the Tamarin team at Adobe, for 6 months, just before their massive layoff (well, 750 people very two years, like clockwork, was pretty usual for them) to refocus on HTML5. I got laid off by a boss of a boss of a boss who had never met me.

I just read your header letter at the top of the pages, and I said, ok, yes I have to support this forum by joining. I dont know how active I will be here, but yes, if anyone can help lead a good forum, it would be you. So I am here to help grow this community.

I will post some threads to gather advice on some of the big issues I have, and I imagine others have.

Thanks for making this community for us!

  • Garnet


wow that’s a lot of praise, thank you :slight_smile:

I sympathise widely with that “horror story” as I do know those tend to always happen at the last minute when you are about to deliver the thing, I had my fair share too, even recently (prod server where all the SVN repositories reside been wiped out by mistake literally 1 day before delivery of a project).

It’s a small community but I think it can grow with time,
so welcome and enjoy :slight_smile: