Open Source AS3 Custom Keyboard

I’m going to make a custom keyboard instead of using the typical Google/Apple default spyware keyboard. I’ve always had issues/bugs with the default keyboard so I’m looking forward to making this and never dealing with that annoying keyboard again.

Before I start, I was wondering if this idea has already been done?
Anyone have any tips on how to do it?
How would I be able to have animated emojies (movieclips) inline with the text?

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I always dreamed to stop using them too by coding my own one but still no have time to do an as3 keyboard and a bit discouraged by the fact to include all cases of special character of world main languages. Tough work but would be very helpfull for as3 community to start working on an open source one.

Something we could update easily regarding the background of keys , roundy borders tuning and colors would be the perfect gadget :slight_smile: