Over 5 min black screen(no injected logos) on Android AIR 33

I managed to find this issue currently only on 1 device(Samsung GT-I9195 Galaxy S4 mini, fw: 4.4.2). If anyone knows other devices please post them here.

The issue occurs on development and publish version.
AIR version
You just install and open the app and the 5+ minute wait time with black screen displayed, will start.

Did you check the logs ?
eg. $ adb logcat air.NameOfApp:I *:S
see Access the Device Logs

top of my head, 5 min black screen look like the app crashed somewhere
but without logs hard to say

so you don’t want to invest serious time in checking your app logs
but other dev should just invest their time to report to you if other device behave the same way?

without a specific app to test
without something specific to search for, except looking if the app stay stuck 5mn on a black screen

that’s your logic?

For the first reply: Thank you!
For the second reply: Dude you have some issues, or to much free time, please leave the topic alone or stop giving this kind of feedback.

Also, since I see you are a moderator, if you can, please reinstate the first comment i wrote.

you may have missed it but there were an exclamation mark, so all that was meant as a question

and yeah your time is not more precious or serious than anyone else replying

so that little thing here

OK, sorry to have used my precious time to provide a clue on why, maybe, you will not get an answer

great attitude by the way

I just asked if anyone had the same issue to post the device on this topic, that’s all. I didn’t request any test or time wasting tasks. So please reconsider your comments or delete the topic, if your the guy in charge of this site you really need to reconsider your people skills. Your first answer was perfect and I thank you for that, but your second reply was offensive and I can’t accept it I’m sorry.

and I just asked for you to provide some logs

so let be very clear
you are the one with a problem or a bug
you should be the one explaining it and giving context and details
and if someone, anyone, ask for more infos you should provide those infos

you can’t? you won’t? you can not bother?

fine, then you are on your own

Ok now I understand what you meant. I will probably be able next week to address this issue and get some logs.
You probably misunderstood this part: "before investing serious time in trying to fix it. "

The number of devices will decide if it is a minor issue(that will be checked in a couple of weeks) or if it’s a major issue(and needs to be fixed the next couple of days). So please next time request more information before make assumptions. Thank you for your time.

Also I would like to request to delete the entire conversation that is pointless regarding the topic if that is ok with you.

I would prefer please that you leave the last to messages only those 2:
Did you check the logs ?

but without logs hard to say

and my last message:
“I will probably be able next week to address this issue and get some logs.” without the drama…