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Hi, I’m zwetan and I started this forum

and for the last few weeks I tried to provide content for it and at the same time moderate it, on top of my already busy schedule

recently I have been accused of bullying users and having an history of bad behavior, which is not something I take lightly

anyway, I knew when I started such forum that I was “walking on eggs”, some people may not like it for futile reason like “it’s new” to whatever other reasons

I kind of predicted it like that

and following up by

I have personally no interests in fighting over the Internet but yeah we are near many different “combat zone” and a new forum starting to build something new and in particular a “safe haven” is an easy target.

I wish I could do it full time, but I can’t because of “time” and “I’m not really a ppl person”, like any human being my patience can run thin on specific bullshit

so I simply gonna leave this forum alone and let the users decide for themselves

that does not mean I’m abandoning this forum, it just mean I’m taking a step back, if someone post something and, as a normal user, I have a something to say that can contribute I may still post something if I can

but I will stop feeding content to the forum for a little while, simply because I’m busy with work, and to avoid any conflicts of interests eg. “I don’t want people to see as3lang forum as zwetan’s forum”

it’s not mine it’s yours, this forum solely exists for the community
that’s what I consider the greater good

that does not mean either I will neglect my admin/moderator duty, I will still monitor this forum for potential trouble, and if you have any problem just use the little flag icon or contact on twitter @as3lang, I will be notified and I will be prompt to react to it.

I also remind that anyone can also earn the moderator status, the discourse system is smart enough to monitor the frequency of your posts, likes, flags, etc. and simply put, if you contribute a lot the system (not me) will increase your level of trust, to the point where you can reach moderator status.

This forum is a community tool, you can use in a lot of different way, from asking questions, answering and helping those questions, to use it as publishing platform (if like me you are lazy to maintain a blog), to really many other and various things.

By removing myself from the equation I hope people will understand I’m not here for some kind of selfish personal interest or other nefarious agenda.

This topic is not a plea for support about my personal case, I don’t feel blue and don’t need a tap on the back and I certainly don’t want people to take sides as I think this divide the community more than it unite it.

So here you go, the forum is all yours, please make a good use of it.

Your benevolent dictator zwetan.

The Wonderful World of Flash Communities

Zwetan, I know you’ve rubbed a few people the wrong way and perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned there, but personally I have really enjoyed a lot of the content you’ve posted. Please don’t stop positive contributions. :slight_smile:

  • Aaron


on the Internet tons of ppl rub each other the wrong way all the time

recently this happened

quoting this

and earlier I think I saw something like “please don’t use the word ‘fuck’ in your tweet as kids read it”
which received an answer saying something like “then they can unfollow me and unfollow anyone retweeting me”

anything can offend (or rub the wrong way) anyone

anyway …

Nice to hear you appreciate the content and thanks :slight_smile:, I’m not stoping it all, it’s more like a pause while I’m focusing on other things (making a chat that will be reused here on as3lang).