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Here is the situation

For some time Sergey Gonchar via the Facebook Stage3D group
was organizing from time to time a “Flash Online Conference”

you can see the archive of previous meetings here

For example the last conference #12 had those preso

  • “Video Texture on Android” – Nimisha, Chandra Prakash – Adobe
  • “ETC2(Ericsson Texture Compression) support in AIR” – Ridam Batra – Adobe
  • “iOS64 bit Support and Compilation Improvements” – Abhinav Dhandh – Adobe
  • “Standard Extended Profile” – Mayank Bhagya – Adobe
  • “Away Update” – Rob Bateman – Away3D
  • “A Preview of Feathers 2.2 and the Feathers SDK” – Josh Tynjala – Feathers
  • “BlendHX, a game engine on top of AIR capabilities.” – Robert Kaveh

So yeah it was mainly focused on Stage3D but other subjects could be presented as well (long time ago I presented a bit of Redtamarin which really have nothing to do with Stage3D)

But Sergey also was behind an app MSQRD and they been hired by Facebook, so I guess he gonna be pretty busy doing that and probably gonna have less time to organise those online conference.

The question now is do we continue or try to continue to organise this online flash conference ?

I will follow that up to Adobe too see what they think
and so please vote and show them some big numbers :smile:

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well … I read too much into it

thank you for the vote in the poll above, I’m closing it

see here

you will need a Facebook account to be able to vote on the speakers

but for the rest it seems Sergey will be perfectly happy to continue hosting those conference and that’s good :slight_smile:

now I can go back focus on the forum and my other things

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