Poll: What name do you prefer Animate or Flash?

  • Animate CC
  • Flash CC

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I think that changing the name to Animate CC was a good move by Adobe.

Good move. Flash haters gonna hate 4ever.

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Good move IMO. We need to hide a bit.

Haters gonna hate… FOREVER :wink:

Eh I don’t get it SWF is what they hate. I worked in advertising and the biggest restriction was the swf format. Not because it restricted content but because it restricted whats happening now. It’s the good/bad old days of HTML banners doing whatever the hell they want.

I might be naive bt the internet is far from good content and reliable information. Its about SEO pricks.

I do prefer Flash of course, but today pronouncing the “F” word leads in 90% of cases not to win the project. I also changed my company name from PippoFlash to PippoApps… I had to surrender :slight_smile:

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True :slight_smile: for easy of life better to go in clandestinity eheh… we will continue to use Flash platform to create amazing apps but just do not pronounce the F word anymore…


Im quite happy with the name change. Maybe some people can now look past the “flash stigma” and really see it for the great content creation tool it really is! :slight_smile:


love that, ‘F’ word :wink:

Every super hero seems to have an alias!

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