Prevent screenshotting in adobe air

hi guys
do you know is there any to prevent screenshotting in adobe air applications?
as Distirqt said to me it seems complex

No way in pure AIR code, even Distriq said it is complex to impl via Native Ext.
This might help for Android

For iOS, it is damn impossible unless you are true expert


Is it possible to know when the volume, power or home buttons are pressed down? You could cover the screen with a movieclip when they are pressed down. It wouldn’t technically prevent screenshot but they would end up getting a screenshot of the covering movieclip instead.


This is a very elegant solution! Just one more case should be covered somehow: on Samsung A30s you can just swipe with your palm sideways to make a screenshot

hahaha… clever hack!

Nah this is another problem since different OEMs have their own unique way for screenshotting.

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