Print issue between applications with the same component



When I print from my TLF editor component isolated on a Window test application, I got this beautifull result: 2.pdf (29.7 KB)

However when I added this component to an older bigger application, I got this result:
1.pdf (29.8 KB)

It’s the same Flex framework and AIR version and the issue seems that it’s not filling the all page. Perhaps it’s related to the AIR xml configuration or something else but it’s difficult to see on a bigger application.

Anyone knows any specific configuration (AIR xml for example) that can influence the print job (I don’t have any change on the DPI on the AIR xml) or a tip that I can start to explore ?


The demo application had a white background color !
Now I got 2 identical results.
Now, it’s a matter of adjustments to full fill the print area.