Problem with Icon 167 when packaging for iOS [Solved]

I’m packaging my new game for iOS using the newest AIR

Everything goes well, including the Ad-Hoc build tests on my device.

The only problem emerges when I try to upload the game using Application Loader. I receive the following error:
ERROR ITM-90023: Missing required icon file. The bundle does not contain the icon for iPad of exactly ‘167x167’ pixels.

My application.xml contains the following section:


and the file icon_167.png is in fact 167x167.

How to solve this issue?

Wait, looks like I solved this, maybe the first time I tried I didn’t have the line

It’s not good to deploy at 12 am. But let’ keep this thread, perhaps someone will have the same error

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You may know already, this is a very convenient tool to make icons all sizes.

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