Publish AIR app to the app store

Hey, so its possible to publish AIR app to app store after all??

this is one way, and there are too many.

You have to do the .apk then publish it on the store.

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anything is possible but gives details on what you try to accomplish

when you publish on the mac app store you will have to alter/remove some of the components of the AIR runtime, for ex you can not use the HTMLLoader class

Long time ago Adobe indicated the process (which is now outdated)
Post Adobe AIR app to Mac app store

there has been different posts right and left on different forums etc.
but nothing full proof or easy

so that’s why I ask: what do you try to do?

for ex you might only need to publish a .dmg or .pkg outside of the mac app store


I probably should ve been more specific - I meant app store for os x, not ios