Question about apk signing


Noob question, so pardon me…

I am about to publish my second air android game to play store, hopefully before 1st of August.

Creating my key to sign my 1st game, was a very difficult task for me. Now I am away from home, for the duration of the tourist season, with limited internet access from my phone provider, so I am afraid repeating such a task, will be even more difficult.

So my question…

Can I sign my 2nd app using the same .p12 key I used to sign my first game?

…and if can, should I?


the .p12 key is usually a self-signed key which is unique to your app
and when you upload the APK to the Google Play Store, there Goole sign your app with the real cert

so I would say, do not use the same p12, generate another one for that particular app
Creating a self-signed certificate with ADT
be sure to use a 2048 bit key and the cert should last 25 years

see also Signing Adobe AIR Applications
down the page the part “Signing apps for Android”

If you plan to distribute your AIR application to Android Marketplace you are required to digitally sign your application using a self-generated code signing certificate. Here are some points you should keep in mind when signing AIR apps for Android:

  • Applications that are not signed will not be installed on the user’s Android device. So, you should always sign them.
  • The certificate used to sign your application must have the expiration date set to cover a period of at least 25 years. This is required in any of the following use cases:
    • You plan to sign multiple applications using the same certificate
    • You plan to release multiple updates for your application
  • If you plan to release updates for your application, then you must use the same certificate for the updates. Failing to do so will trigger the installation of the update as a different application than the older version.


I might have used a self signed, yes, but I used a key that Google console provided to me and some kind of encryption software. I followed some instructions from Adobe’s forum. I remember that animate cc only could accept .p12 files in order to compile.

Also thank you for your answer…