Question regarding WebViewANE

I’m new to this forum, not sure if this is the right place to post this…

I have few questions regarding WebViewANE (

  1. Want to confirm if WebViewANE can be used free of cost with my application?
  2. When generating an exe for the WebViewANE sample using AIRSDK version 32, we are using Captive runtime, would like to know if the captive runtime is free or is there any licensing involved?
  3. The CEF used in the WebViewANE, does it have the Flash player plugin bundled? Meaning, the endusers need not install separate Flash player on their system - is that right?

Thanks & Appreciate your response.

the right place to post these questions are the issue tracker of the project you are mentioning

here exactly:

also there are many things you can resolve yourself with a simple google search