Questions about ios WebViewANE

  1. Recent projects require WebViewANE, which has been tested successfully in window10 and android.
  2. In ios encounter a program startup error problem, create a blank new project, add WebViewANE, do not add a line of any code, publish and install to the ipad, open the error, and directly exit to the desktop.
  3. Development tools: animate cc 2015, airsdk: (other versions are the same error), ios version: 10.2.1.
    4.ane version: 2.8.0 (tested other versions, all open the program error, exit directly to the desktop)

Hi @bandc and welcome to the forum

do you publish on a desktop mac or windows?

eg. see

N.B. You must use a Mac to build an iOS app using this ANE. Windows is NOT supported.

Download this file in
What is it used for?

this file is needed to compile the Swift libraries

Probably worth checking the logs on the device for some information as to why it’s crashing. Crashes on startup can be caused by a lot of different things, such as missing usage strings, or missing dynamic libraries, and there will often be details in the logs.