RedMonk Language Rankings Over Time


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RedMonk Language Rankings Over Time

ah yeah ActionScript ranked #16 around 2013 is 5 years later out of the map

but I still say it could come back in some least expected way :wink:

Knowing quite well what is achievable with ActionScript on the command-line
and the server-side with Redtamarin, this little “forgotten” language can go head to head
with any of those popular languages of 2018.


The trouble with AS is all about existing implementations, really… Say, the way they try to optimise the language. this and this scope is slow in ABC, but don’t know in AVM2 evaluation, though.

One limitation too is that most free hosting services only support a internal PHP system, and don’t allow accessing that internal, so one is only able to run in an limited PHP environment. But I don’t understand why Atelier 801 uses Java/JRE in server-side, but Flash and AIR only in user-side. They could use RedTamarin to have AS3 in all sides. Some other people use Python and a compiler or in-fly evaluator, but that isn’t a good idea. AS3, for example, is always better.

It’s also sad AS3 prefers UCS-2 (+ UTF-16) encoding over UTF-8, and that’s due to ECMA-262…


You don’t make any sense …

could you avoid asserting or stating things as facts when you apparently does not have all the informations about it or do not understand the whole thing ?

It’s also sad AS3 prefers UCS-2 (+ UTF-16) encoding over UTF-8, and that’s due to ECMA-262…

no AS3 does not store strings as UCS2

see implementation


and explanation


Hm, okay. For me these documents were archived, but if they’re old, I wonder why they’re there. So, Mozilla doesn’t care anymore for ActionScript :o, but still hosts few and few of its things inside there.