Redtamarin End Of the Year Maintenance and Stuff


Just a little announcement about Redtamarin stuff

0.4.2 release

Last release 0.4.1 was February 2016
0.4.2 will occurs in December 2016

you can get a glimpse of new stuff in this old post
Redtamarin v0.4.2 delayed

but the release is much much bigger in term of functionalities and features
really it is packed :smile:, from being able to use redtamarin directly from Flash Builder or same kind of IDE, to full network API supporting TCP/UDP IPv4/IPv6 clients/servers, to stream classes, to tons of patches and bug fixes etc.

Bit of bummer to be so late on the release as it also delay other stuff like web sites, REST API and other command-line tools, but it was a necessary evil to get there.

Web Sites

All web sites will be “down for maintenance” till January 2017,
this also include and

Morality go to the Redtamarin Github project if you need to access the HTML docs and other downloads.

The goal is to use 0.4.2 to build a better / cleaner / etc. web site for the new year.

2017 Plans

More hardware dedicated to the compiling, testing, etc.
basically a dedicated mac mini for the macOS builds so I can work on Redtamarin when I can without having to close all the projects, notes, etc. and this should improve the pace of releases.

More tools and examples, like improved redbean, a unit tests tool, local HTTP server, etc.

Every single web sites build in ActionScript 3.0 and run with Redtamarin server-side, that means all of, (except this forum), etc.

REST API based web sites will have a big parts too, for example something where to upload/host your generated asdoc HTML (I need that to host the redtamarin asdoc and so maybe it can be of some help for others).

Start of the 0.5.x branch where I will make a big upgrade on Workers to bring them to the level of what you have in Flash/AIR and then which will allow to get a proper “global loop” to deal with real AS3 events etc.

For the rest of the releases 0.4.3, 0.4.4, etc. each one will focus on a particular subject like syslog, user/group creation, process creation/kill/listing/control etc.

The C API will grow a little but really it’s the native API (RNL - Redtamarin native Library) which will grow more as it is easier to use in general, e.g. Users.adduser( username, password ); vs using getpwnam(), getpwuid(), putpwent( pswd, fopen ("/etc/passwd", "a+")); etc.

The AVMGlue API will grow too but will be without real events and as if you were calling the API from a Worker, eg. flash.filesystem.File will works but something like browseForOpen() will be a no-op and to use events you will have a “bridge” with function callbacks.

Expect also other API like NodeGlue, ChakraGlue, etc. which will implement in AS3 the Node.js API, ChakraCore API etc. so if you find yourself in the situation “oh I would really much like to reuse this node.js library” you will be able to compile the JS lib to an ABC and reuse it directly in Redtamarin (that’s the idea, it would be quite beta quality).

And if all goes well 2017 should see the first commercial projects for Redtamarin :slight_smile:.

End Of the Year Maintenance and Stuff