Redtamarin v0.4.2 delayed


I was planing to release 0.4.2 the 7th of July (7/7), then the 8th of August (8/8) and now it is pushed back to the 9th September (9/9)

Here the current status (there is much more, already discussed in Status update and what’s coming next)

new features

  • new AVMGLUE definitions
    tracef(), stracef(), vtracef(), vstracef()
  • new RNLIB definitions
  • new CLIB definitions
    new C.macros: __LINE__, __FILE__, __FUNC__, __SCOPE__, __CALL__, __CALLER__, __DATE__, __TIME__, __COUNTER__, __ERRNO__
    in C.assert: assert()
    in C.stdlib: itoa()
    in C.stdio: sprintf(), printf(), dprintf(), fprintf(), vdprintf(), vfprintf(), vprintf(), vsprintf()
    in C.unistd: getppid(), fork(), isatty(), setsid(), read(), write()
    in C.netinet: TCP_NODELAY
    in C.netdb: h_errno, HostErrorNumber, CHError, HOST_NOT_FOUND, NO_DATA, NO_RECOVERY, TRY_AGAIN, sethostent(), endhostent()
    in C.conio: fmode, FileMode

bug fixed

Simply put, I had planed the summer to work on Redtamarin, but it happen I’m just too busy with private stuff.

If you look at the milestone 0.4.2
you can see that when I delay I also add more stuff

so yeah it sucks the release is delayed but it will be a bigger one than planed, and don’t get fooled by the low semver 0.4.2, those are not only minor updates.

There are also many internal stuff, bug fixes etc. I don’t talk about, it would be detailed in the CHANGELOG, for ex

  • replaced AVM2 namespace string
    from public namespace AVM2 = "";
    to public namespace AVM2 = "AVM2";
    for many reasons …
    smaller internal names eg. m_http___code_google_com_p_redtamarin_AVM2__type
    become m_AVM2__type
    we are not hosted on “” anymore
    ATTENTION: this can introduce potential break in libraries
    when you compile bytecode (ABC) the namespace is hardcoded in the ABC
    so an old library using the AVM2 namespace would need to be recompiled
    to update the namespace string

or even

  • fixed a bug in C.netdb
    getaddrinfo() when passed a null argument for hints
    was crashing with segfault.

That’s the problem on having very few people using it, I can only find that kind of bug when I’m deep into reviewing the code.

But all in all, the whole thing is getting “harder, better, faster, stronger” :smile:

and ideally with all that I should be able to communicate a bit more on it, like blog post and real world example.

Redtamarin End Of the Year Maintenance and Stuff