Rewrite Redtamarin in Rust


I don’t want to revive this topic, but since I don’t want to create another, I’ve a suggestion to RedTamarin…

@zwetan Why not rewrite RedTamarin in Rust™? I could help in re-writting the sources and we can work using git as well.

Admin message:

You got it

and here something extra: don’t come back
I will erase/kick/ban you on the spot

[Issue] AVMPlus is crashing


here all the reasons why

Those are merely the technical reasons, there are also design and maybe philosophical reasons

Redtamarin provide runtimes, API, native code, libraries, tools, etc.
which in a certain way could be put in competition directly with Rust, Go, Dart, Swift, etc.

Finally, there are many things to do in an open source project like Redtamarin, this is called moving forward, porting everything to Rust would be felt like “going backward” and a waste of time, everything else would have to stop while waiting for the C++ code to be ported to Rust.

LOL not gonna happen, but feel free to fork the project and do whatever you want.


In a way, it’d be moving forward re-writting it on Rust. E.g., it could easily solve random crashes, like the one in earlier thread, but, sure, in general it’s a time waste really and braining thing.

Some goodies, anyway:

  1. Rust doesn’t support null_ptr or NULL, but Options (None => ..., Some(val) => ...).
  2. Allocations are safer in general and still supports std::shared_ptr as Rc and Weak, for ex…
  3. Shorter builtin type names like u32, i8 etc., so no need to typedef U32 = unsigned int.

Cons: no struct hierarchy.


there is no random crash in Redtamarin

and if there is a legit one, something that can be identified properly
and not “but I want to use that other SDK and I completely ignore all the other things you’re saying”

then report it to the issues tracker

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