Running Adobe Flash Builder on Mac with Java 7 and 8


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Running Adobe Flash Builder on Mac with Java 7/8

You have probably seen the problem before, but it was still possible to install a Java 6 (or Java SDK 1.6).

It seems that with Mac OS 10.12 it is not possible anymore and you will be stuck with Java 7 (Java SDK 1.7) and/or Java 8 (Java SDK 1.8).

Personally I will wait for a Mac OS 10.12.1 and probably a Mac OS 10.12.3 as I’m still on Mac OS X 10.10.5 (because that’s what I need to compile with Redtamarin :wink:).

As a side note, you got also a the Developer Environment page on the Redtamarin wiki if you need to see all the details to setup a sane toolchain for either Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Java and the Flex SDK among that).

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