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Hi folks,
When I opened up Animate this morning I noticed a little ‘give feedback’ popup with a smily little Ghost banner. While I still love animating in Flash and still occasionally use it for animation, my main living comes from designing, coding and publishing apps with Air.

Recently I went to attach a Document Class to the properties box on my Mac - it’s not even there anymore! It’s been hidden from sight. It’s now in Actionscript settings. While this makes sense, it underlines the fact that Adobe are hiding the coding side from Animate software, and they never mention it in their marketing. If this continues and the community does not speak out it could lead to them just removing all app publishing from Animate in the near future.

I also resent the fact that Animate is marketed as something just for games - I’ve made all kinds of apps with it because it’s that versatile!

If you enjoy using Animate as both a designer and app publisher, please make your voice heard that you are very keen on the mobile app side:

Here is my message:

I’ve been using Flash for over 20 years. I started using it as a graphic design student for making basic interactivity. When Flash hit the web I got freelance work making web animations. When Flash evolved into a tool for making mobile apps this was something I’d been waiting for for years! I have the ability to draw, design, animate and publish to mobiles all in one place.

I’m very disappointed that Adobe do not even mention mobile apps or Air in their marketing. In point no.3 above there is not even a mention of Air. You are trying to sideline (and I suspect kill off) an amazing tool, while there are thousands of us still using it. Adobe support of Animate is vital to be able to continue publishing our apps.

The one feature that is still missing is up to date support for publishing Desktop apps. I’ve been asking for this for years. The Desktop icons are out of date and need to be HD. The process for a non-technical person looks extremely hard. We need a process for building desktop apps with certificates that’s as simple as the iOS / Android process. Please keep up this amazing cross-platform tool. Thank you!


Thanks for the info Matt, I’ve just filled the survey.
Entirely agree with your point about Adobe marketing of Animate.
Their support is vital to be able to continue publishing and maintining our apps for the long term.

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Message sent, very happy with animate the way it is and keep all the good stuff working.

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Thanks Matt. I’ve just completed a huge 35 chapter eLearning app for a public health initiative and study. I would have never got the contract if I couldn’t build it cross-platform. Adobe AIR blows the competition out of the water. Hopefully Harman can keep the pressure on Adobe to market this better.


Great to hear it! E-learning got loads of people to use Flash and I’m glad to hear people are still using it for Education. The fact that everything can be designed in vector and changed on the fly is a major reason I’ve never needed another software. Viva La Flash!

I hope you fill out the form too. Thanks Kaleco :slight_smile:


Message sent! :wink:
Is it still valid research?
Adobe hasn’t used the “CC” for more than 2 years, even before the 2020 version they had already removed the “CC” and left only “Adobe Animate”.

Thanks Adriana! I don’t mind what they call it, but to me it’s still Flash and needs to keep the interactive element.

You’re the biggest promoter of Animate, Air and Harman on the web, so I hope you have a direct contact with them? In fact they should be paying you :smiley:

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:sweat_smile: I don’t have contact with anyone… I don’t even know who they are, I never talked directly to anyone in this environment.
I just love and AS3 so I try to help everyone as much as possible, yet, I never earned even a penny for the contribution in groups. - Until then, only learning has always been the gain that pays off.


They changed tha last thing that tied Animate CC to the legacy of Flash Professionl, the LOGO color:

And heres how my thoughts on that:

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Haha, whatever they change, the timeline, keyframes and all the other good stuff keep being exactly the same for the last 20 years.There is no way to improve what is already perfect.


your a good person :wink: Adriana.