Shapik: the moon quest - my game on adobe air[starling]

Hello everyone, finally I finished my long-suffering quest.


Its work on starling(1.8) + gaf animation.


good job

you should have mentioned this too
It took me 4 long years to finish this game

which I’m sure will interest all the indies around here

man … the part where you go on job interviews and while you are in the city they cancel it on you
don’t ever let people telling you you’re to old, too this, too that etc.

let be clear, when a company is only after young people it is because they can not afford to pay them and they prey on their passion so “young clueless” will just take the job and work hard for much much less than the average market salary…

please don’t let that get to you and good luck to you


Stunning! Where does ‘powered by GAF’ appear?