Shapik: the moon quest - my game on adobe air[starling]

Hello everyone, finally I finished my long-suffering quest.


Its work on starling(1.8) + gaf animation.


good job

you should have mentioned this too
It took me 4 long years to finish this game

which I’m sure will interest all the indies around here

man … the part where you go on job interviews and while you are in the city they cancel it on you
don’t ever let people telling you you’re to old, too this, too that etc.

let be clear, when a company is only after young people it is because they can not afford to pay them and they prey on their passion so “young clueless” will just take the job and work hard for much much less than the average market salary…

please don’t let that get to you and good luck to you


Stunning! Where does ‘powered by GAF’ appear?

Congrats @paulp! Your game looks spectacular.

What was the process like integrating with Steam? Are their existing APIs available for Adobe AIR, or were any customizations or ANE’s required?

Thanks man! Even though I’m old but I’m holding on :slight_smile:

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In steam you can upload the game without APIs integration. But when you need achievements, steam cloud, etc. you can use this FRESteamWorks ANE

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Thanks man! Even though I’m old but I’m holding on :slight_smile:

Well done - the game’s graphics and sound is amazing. I’m a fan of these Amanita style games. Will you be able to port it to iOS?

I read your ‘making of’ story and it’s a real epic! Very touching and your perseverance is inspiring. The main thing is to always finish what you started.

I always wonder about joint projects like this - my queston is how do you pay the Developer and Composer a share in the sales? You seem to be the driver of the project. Did you work out a share or did you pay them for their work?

When people are putting in different hours over 4 years this must be a very difficult thing to manage.

Congratulations. It has stunning visuals and animations.