Slightly out-of-my-depth with AIRSDK 33

Trying to make an .ipa for the first time w AIRSDK 33.
Building my app in Flash CS5.5 and I’ve added the SDK as I always have added SDK updates up through SDK 32.
When trying to publish I get a java UnsupportedClassVersionError

Any ideas about this?
Does Java need to be configured or located differently for this
version of the SDK?
Can I even run on SDK 33 from Flash CS5.5?
Thanks in advance.

That’s a Java issue, you will need to make sure you are using v1.8 on your machine to support the AIR SDK particularly for Android development.

Thanks. But I AM using Java 8.

Have you tried from the command line where you can confirm the java version? Might be that Flash CS5.5 doesn’t use the java version you think it does. I don’t have access to CS5.5 anymore so can’t help you out with it.

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