Spark video display doesn't work on desktop

I am using the spark video display in my applicaiton to display/stream videos.

Everything is fine, ecxept for dektop, but it is the same code.

The video is loading and buffering but after that i get the mediaPlayerState = playback error, without any further information.

I got the video cached on my disk, so the video is definitley there and is loaded in my application, but for some reason it doesn’t play.

Does anybody had some similar experience?

what is “spark video display” ?

often people use a bad media, so even if it looks like the video would play it won’t

try with different medias

Thank you for your answer.

This VideoPlayer component:

I can definitely say that the media is not bad, i also tried different medias but with the same result.
None of them is playing, but all of them are playing in the web version.

I tried it with AIR SDK 31 and it works fine, so there must be some difference between 31 and 32 which is causing the problem.

Is it AIR? AIR is the last one with Desktop video working.
From onwards it has been fixed on iOS but broken on Desktop!

OK so I did not automatically connected “spark video display” to the Flex Spark components

anyway on top of what @PippoApps said


  • latest beta is
  • latest stable is
  • previous stable is

AIR 32 runtimes

  • latest beta is
  • latest stable is <- ATTENTION
  • previous stable is

see Archived Adobe AIR SDK versions

in an old Adobe forum thread AIR 32 runtime - Desktop video failing 100%

you can read from Adobe

We’re doing a few things to resolve this bug. First we’ve stopped the auto update of the shared runtime, so users will no longer be pushed a release that breaks video. Next week we hope to release another shared runtime that will revert our video changes. Auto update will be turned back on at this time so that everyone gets a shared runtime with working video.

We will also release a new AIR beta (runtime and sdk), with the actual video changes we wanted in place to begin with. This beta will leverage the OS api’s for video rendering in a new accelerated video pipeline. We were shooting for next week for the beta, but with the revert and unscheduled runtime rebuild, it’ll probably be the week after next.

which lead also to that AIR-4198798 FLV video no longer displays.

side note: I still say a proper code example when facing such problem is needed

Also with AIR 33 SDK from AIR SDK Beta
you can read at the bottom

AIR-197: Youtube videos only play audio when running in Android Webview [closed – needs hardware acceleration to be specified within the manifest file and then it works]

which leads to Enabling Flash Player and other plug-ins in a StageWebView object

In Android 3.0+, an application must enable hardware acceleration in the Android application element in order for plug-in content to be displayed in a StageWebView object. To enable plug-in rendering, set the android:hardwareAccelerated attribute of the application element to true:

                <application android:hardwareAccelerated="true"/> 

Anyway, Adobe messed up a little the release of the AIR runtime and it reflected to the AIR SDK if you were not paying attention

AIR is the latest version which does not need hardware acceleration

AIR BETA or AIR is the latest version which REQUIRE hardware acceleration


This beta will leverage the OS api’s for video rendering in a new accelerated video pipeline.

be sure to set NetStream.useHardwareDecoder in consequence

choices are

  • use AIR and NetStream.useHardwareDecoder = false
  • use AIR BETA or AIR and NetStream.useHardwareDecoder = true

to control which AIR runtime is used be sure to publish as a captive runtime
see Packaging a captive runtime bundle for desktop computers

other side note: that’s why I’m so adamant to ask people which versions they are using, provide a code sample etc. because for such bugs just saying “it does no t work” or “it was working for 10 years …” not gonna cut it, this is exactly why you need to provide details and context; for some people a “video player” is a youtube video embedded in StageWebView, for others it is something different.

I’ve been following this issue closely, so allow me to chime in.

Hardware acceleration is enabled by default regardless of the build number. The latest beta release - - has solved most of the issues with video handling but the weirdest one still remains: GPU usage is actually a lot lower on build 144 when compared to 89, while CPU usage is much higher (like double or triple depending on the scenario). Some people have also observed substantial increase in memory usage.

It’s funny how the new model is supposed to enhance GPU usage thus reducing CPU strain and I’m getting the exact opposite. Version 144 was released back in July 5, which is not very encouraging. I’ve been waiting for this fix because version has its own issues with video handling when targeting 64-bit. So I’m stuck with 89 at 32-bit which is very limiting considering my usage scenario.