Spriteflexjs can be used in big projects


Many of the above software is already very old, and some can not be used for large projects. Spriteflexjs is a new, open source project that is well suited to big projects https://github.com/matrix3d/spriteflexjs

Some Thoughts on the HTML Target for AIR

well suited to big projects ?

ahem, at best I see this project at the alpha/prototype level


What did you do to make the judgment?


I looked at the sources, a lot of things are not implemented


. Can you give an example of which API failed to achieve and not develop for large projects?


there is probably a communication problem here but anyway this is not the thread to talk about that,
from what I have seen in the sources I personally think the implementation is not complete, and now you ask me “can you point me where?”, well… everywhere, many part of the implementations seems to be “test code” and other part not even implemented, other parts with default value, etc.
You must already know about it.


sure no problem, go ahead go tell everyone that your project is ready and can be used in big projects
good luck with that


I looked at the examples and it looks interesting. I would like to know more. How do you use it?

And how did you get this to work?

PS When you make statements like, “It can be used in big projects” many people want proof of that. There is a vast difference between a prototype of a product and production. So when you say that, they want to see proof.


The example you’re talking about is just a pure JS usage, but this project recommends writing code in as3.
I say it can be used in big projects. First of all, he has most of the conditions for big projects. First, object oriented programming in the AS3 language, he can easily put other AS3 libraries into the project, such as I easily introduced box2d, tween. Second, flashdevelop, vscode, flashbuilder and other editors can be used for project development. Third, 80% flash API, introduced, such as loader, urllaoder, websocket,drawapi, mouseevent, displaylist, bitmap, stage3d, webglrenderer,etc., with these API, running a large project without any problems.


I am a bit confused. Is this software to replace the flash API already included when you build an AIR app or FlexJS project or is there some new API’s added new capabilities? I am not really understanding what this is for.


hi,no new apis.but for js not flashplayer


I am sorry, you don’t seem to explain you use case very well. Do you provide anything new or different? What are the advantages to using your libraries?


The function of this project is basically the same as the original one. But the original is by flashplayer, so the original can not run on the phone. If flashplayer disappeared in 2020, the original version would not run in the PC browser. But I provide this version of the original version of the same as code, compiled into JS, HTML5, webgl code, is the web standard, so you can run on the phone, and do not need the flashplayer plug-in. You can see the examples I provide, which are compiled from JS (SWF). That is to say, the original AS3 project can be compiled directly into a JS project that can run in the mobile browser. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask questions here


I’m familiar with FlexJS and how to setup a project with it but others may not be. But it’s unclear how to use your library. If a AS3, Flex developer or JavaScript developer wanted to use your library can you describe step by step how to do that? Pretend you are explaining it to someone who has not used AS3 or Flex before.


Can this be explained clearly?https://github.com/matrix3d/spriteflexjs/wiki/how-run


In fact, this library is a flexjs library. So how to compile, you can go to see the official document flexjs. Because the official document of flexjs is definitely more detailed than the document I wrote


i am new to FlexJS and learning it, but what if you write a tutorial for beginners like me, how to install it and work with examples that will be helpful for allot of new comers.


yes,the tutorial will coming soon


When I see another “As3 API to HTML” frameworks like this, I always ask this question:
“So how about the mother fucker movieclip ?”

The movieclip is the MOST POWERFUL concept of Flash, changing from a walk to a run can be as simple as player.gotoAndStop(run) with that label frame containing yet another internal movieclip with the whole animation.

Any HTML 5 that does not implement the movieclip that allows for movieclip within movieclip are just hopeless gimmicks doomed to fail under its own pretentiousness.


@ForeverMacro please refrain to resuscitate 2 years old posts
unless you’re bringing something that other people did not see or test

so I get your point about the MovieClip class, but here that comment does not really bring anything to the convo, if on your side you tested that Spriteflexjs library and you encountered bugs or have features requests, the best bet is to fill those issues in the bug tracker of the project.