Starling Forum?

Granted I’m always happy to see more new things for the Flash/AIR community, but had you asked me where was the go to place for as3 developers I would have said the Starling Forum. I know not all AIR apps are Starling based, but personally since I made the swich to Starling I couldn’t ever see a reason I’d do another app with the standard display list (maybe I’m bias though not the point)

The starling forum has a good amount of new posts daily that as a user have kept me coming back every 5-6 hours for the past few months.

I’m not saying we don’t need this place, mostly saying I guess I’ll be adding this to the list of my daily flash new round-abouts.

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Even as a major contributor on the Starling forums, I think the community can benefit from a more general forum about ActionScript and Flash. Of course, everyone is welcome to discuss all aspects of Flash, Stage 3D, ActionScript, ANEs, and everything else on the Starling forums, but I’ll bet some developers might prefer a place where they may be able to find more experts with other libraries, like 3D libraries and things.


That is why I also like the idea of this forum, because AIR/Flash/as3/ANE set is much wider topic than just Starling with all respect to Daniel and Josh. Another thing is better engine! I love Starling community, but hey… such forums have been used many years ago :wink:

Anyway… as3 community should blossom and support each other.

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I 100% agree with you guys… And definitely welcome a broader forum, I’m just slightly worried I may end up missing something cool/etc about starling because I checked the wrong forum that day…which is really no problem I’ll just be visiting both! as well as 2 facebook groups and Flash Daily lol

I’ll be quite now

In itself it is a complicated problem, and ahem I’m basically walking on eggs and trying to not break any.

Not only Starling but any forum based around one solution (open source, product, etc.) will off course have these 2 things

  • 90% of the forum is about the solution
  • 10% is misc. stuff

In the case of Starling forums, well the 10% thingy is AS3, AIR, ANE, etc.

If I go there and look at the most recent subjects and pick some not related (in my opinion) to starling I can see

  • Stage Size dimensions issue

    I am working on a desktop application presentation, this is not using Starling however I am looking for a solution so any help is appreciated.

  • Unit testing with IntelliJ + Feathers SDK

    I am trying to use IntelliJ to run the tests. But when I try to run the tests IntelliJ gives me compile errors:

  • [TRAILER RELEASE] Armajet - Multiplayer Jetpack Combat

    I’m proud to present our first Starling creation! This is the labor of over 5000 hours of programming over 1 and a half years.

  • getQualifiedDefinitionNames Porblem

    I have a problem with getQualifiedDefinitionNames, when I compile with AIR 20 I get

No problem, Starling is great, a lot of people use it and it’s normal that on top of specific Starling forum question they get misc. questions more or less related to starling.

Even if I didn’t talk to the Starling guys, I’m about sure that they could be “tired” to get too much not starling related questions, I know that because it’s what happened with gaforflash, and probably would not mind that these type of questions happen elsewhere.

And basically we we are in this situation

eg. we have 10 Flash forums, that’s no good, let’s unite …oh now we have 11 Flash forums

so yeah for a time it will be a bit painful to maybe check yet another forum, here the key word is “competition”

as3lang is not here to compete with other forums
it’s not the plan to steal users or to diss other forum
it’s not about being the “numero uno del forum”

it’s about providing a safe haven for AS3 dev
I do mean that

so, if there is competition or fight, that would be mainly on content
eg. try to get the news, try to post interesting topics, having discussions, try to have no spam no ads etc.

Either people would feel it’s legitimate and come
or it will be a flop because they just don’t come for whatever reasons

I don’t really know what will happen
I just feel that the AS3 community in the large need a place like this
I set it up in such a way that if tomorrow whatever forum want to load all their users on us, the server can cope with it

for the rest, well… anything can happen


I think its a positive idea to have this forum, devs need to be able to interact with each other and the more ways we have to do that the better :slight_smile:

Thanks for setting it up :smiley: