Stripe Payment integration

Has anyone had experience setting up Stripe payments to work with AIR for iOS and Android? I’ve got a client app I would love to build with AIR but not sure if the credit card processing is supported. Thanks!

Hi @Dan_Gurney and welcome to the forum

so I don’t have a recent experience with Stripe and AIR
but I do know their docs are rock solid

so I quickly re-browsed it and looking at

I would say, even if there is no AS3 library for Stripe (as I know of), you could get away with an AS3 HTTP client (for API calls) and/or a StageWebView (eg. new StageWebView( true ) using Stripe elements, and/or using stripe.js in that StageWebView, and ideally also using webhooks

but your needs may vary etc.

I might be biased because it’s been few years I’m implementing 3rd party API right and left and so when I see an API that can be tested on the CLI with curl and this level of docs and samples, it does look “not hard at all”.

You had this article Integrating PayPal Express Checkout with Flex and Adobe AIR (2010 and now archived) that might help as the logic is pretty similar.

Thanks for the recommendation. I think I’ll try the as3 httpClient method as I want to keep it in AIR and not have to integrate the browser, to keep it more secure.