Swf to html5 converter with AS3

I have a simple code to load swf in AS3


this simple code can publish android file (APK)

so if possible to convert swf to html or not


with Animate CC you can export animations either to SWF or to HTML
but it does not convert AS3 code to JS code for you

animation and source code, not the same thing

Create and publish HTML5 Canvas documents in Animate

at the bottom you can see

Converting other document types to HTML5 Canvas documents

The universal document type converter enables conversion of your existing FLA projects (of any type) to any other document type such as HTML5 Canvas, ActionScript/AIR, WebGL, or a custom document type. When you convert to a format, you can take advantage of the authoring features that Animate offers for that document type.

For more information, see Convert to other document formats

Converting ActionScript 3 to HTML5 Canvas document using JSFL script

Animate provides a JSFL script to convert an AS3 document to HTML5 Canvas document. When run, the JSFL script does the following:

  • Creates a new HTML5 Canvas document.
  • Copies all layers, symbols, and library items to the new HTML5 Canvas document.
  • Applies defaults to unsupported features, subfeatures, or feature-properties.
  • Creates separate FLA files for each scene, because HTML5 Canvas document does not support multiple scenes.

To convert an AS3 document to HTML5 Canvas document, do the following:

  1. Open the ActionScript 3 document in Animate.
  2. Select Commands > Convert AS3 to HTML5 Canvas document .
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is there any programme can convert swf to html5

thanks again

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I saw something about this… :thinking: I would like someone to follow the steps in this tutorial and provide further explanation on how FlashDeveloper is being used to achieve these results. I tried it myself and did not get the same result.

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Changing code by hand, graphics and frames would be the same.

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I have Just swf files